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We are looking for quality scripts

Each month we are looking for THREE quality scripts, one in each of these areas:

Society and Education — does your script assist people to benefit others or to learn or practice? Society scripts cover a wide range of topics, from crowd-sourced natural science to collecting locations of critical services in urban and rural areas. Education includes scripts that not only illustrate or help students with science, mathematics, social science, spelling, but also open their eyes to areas they do not know about, such as robots or the stars.

Productivity — does your script enable people do tasks better or more quickly, mostly using mobile devices? Tasks can range from planning road trips to alerting when to buy game or concert tickets to cooking aids to finding friends to classifying personal collections to searching research papers, or to linking with colleagues at conferences. These scripts will emphasize use of the web and/or the files on a mobile device.

Entertainment — does your script engage people in a playful way on any device? “Engage” can mean an interactive game or annotating family photos, audio, or videos, or displaying reading matter. If your game is educational, you can enter it in the first category. These scripts might require knowledge of graphic and sensor APIs.

In all scripts, take note of the permissions clauses in the rules. Basically, if there is anything in your script that involves a third party, including a third-party trademark or a copyright, you have to get permission to use it. Entering the Contest means you have obtained those permissions and have otherwise complied with the technical and content requirements for entry.

Contest Prizes

Each Prize Period, there will be one winner in each category. Each winner receives $500 in cash. If you are a government employee (including an educator) and your local laws, rules and regulations allow you to win a prize, the prize will be made as a gift to your public sector institution.

How do I enter?

The Entry Period runs from July 25 to October 11, 2013. The Contest officially ends November 8, when the winners for the third and final Prize Period are announced. There are three different entry periods:

You may submit any number of scripts in each Prize Period but each script you submit must be substantially unique and different. We will only award one (1) prize per person

Develop your script on the TouchDevelop Web App or on the Touchdevelop app for Windows Phone and publish your script in the bazaar. You will receive a unique script id and a corresponding URL of the form[script id] after you publish your script. Then submit your script as a contest entry at the TouchDevelop Contest site. If you detect a mistake with your submission and need to resubmit it, we will consider only the last submission.


Throughout the Public Voting Period during each Prize Period, we will post the finalists’ entries at for viewing and voting by registered TouchDevelop users. TouchDevelop Users will be invited to vote for the three (3) finalist entries they think best meet the Contest entry criteria: category focus on society and education, productivity, or games. Users will vote by visiting the website and clicking the link that says “Vote” to go to a voting page, where they will be able to vote for three (3) out of the ten (10) finalists.

The judging criteria are:

The decisions of the judges are final and binding.

Can I enter?

You are eligible to enter this Contest if you are a hobbyist, student, professional, or developer in the field of software technology and are a registered user of website age 14 or older.

Residents of five special countries and employees of Microsoft and their families may not enter. Details are in the Official Rules.

Official Rules

Game ends 11/8/2013. Read the Official Rules for all details.