On this page, you will find a series of slide decks that walk you through the idea behind the TouchDevelop app v2.11 for Windows Phone 7, the touchdevelop environment and language, the APIs, and more advanced topics.

If you are using the TouchDevelop Web App for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac, or the TouchDevelop app v3.1 for Windows Phone 8, then you can take a look at our courses.

using the TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone

part 1 - getting started

about us
for teacher (skip if you are not a teacher)
environment and editor

part 2 - touchdevelop language

part 3 - touchdevelop APIs

access to basic data and sensors
access to more data and sensors

part 4 - advanced topics

* look at these slides if you only have a few hours time