create apps for the Windows Phone Store


Turn your TouchDevelop scripts into real apps that can be found in and installed from the Windows Phone Store! Browse apps created with TouchDevelop in the Windows Phone Store...

If certain requirements are met, then the process to turn your script into an app consists of two tasks:

  1. Generate and download a phone application binary file for your script from the TouchDevelop website.
  2. Upload and submit this binary to the Windows Phone Store, where it will be reviewed.
    When your application passes the Windows Phone Store Certification requirements, you can publish it on the Windows Phone Store.
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Read the detailed workflow and a walkthrough of all steps in this document: turn scripts into apps (PDF)





TouchDevelop requirements

You need the following to create and publish an app with TouchDevelop:

  1. A Windows Phone device running Windows Phone 7.5 or 8
  2. The TouchDevelop app, installed on your phone
  3. A Microsoft, Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account to log in to the TouchDevelop app and website
  4. A TouchDevelop script published on the script bazaar; you need to be the author of the script, and all scripts on which the script is based on; usage of certain APIs prevent the creation of an app from a script
  5. A PC to download and upload files
  6. A Dev Center account (
    Your application needs to pass the Windows Phone certification process before it can be published to the Windows Phone Store.

The following TouchDevelop APIs are not yet supported when creating apps. Please give feedback to the TouchDevelop team if you would like to see APIs removed from the list below in the future.