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Xml Object

An xml element or collection of elements
function (Xml Object) → at(index : Number) returns Xml Object
Gets the i-th child element in the collection
function (Xml Object) → attr(name : String) returns String
Gets the value of the attribute
function (Xml Object) → attr names returns Collection of String
Gets the list of attribute names
function (Xml Object) → child(name : String) returns Xml Object
Gets a first child element matching the fully qualified name
function (Xml Object) → children(name : String) returns Xml Object
Gets a collection of child element matching the fully qualified name
function (Xml Object) → count returns Number
Gets the number of child element
function (Xml Object) → create name(local name : String, namespace uri : String) returns String
Creates a qualified full name from the namespace and local name
function (Xml Object) → is element returns Boolean
Indicates if this instance is an element or a filtered collection
function (Xml Object) → is invalid returns Boolean
Returns true if the current instance is useless
function (Xml Object) → local name returns String
Gets the local name of this element
function (Xml Object) → name returns String
Gets the full name of this element
function (Xml Object) → namespace returns String
Gets the namespace of this element
function (Xml Object) → post to wall
Display the xml content to the wall
function (Xml Object) → to string returns String
Gets an xml string
function (Xml Object) → value returns String
Gets the concatenated text contents of this element

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