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what's new? 2013

December 2013


We have introduced a new ref type, which makes it easier to bind UI controls to data. The access to fields and globals has been unified. The →get is mostly gone and →set is replaced with :=. Yay!
Your scripts will be duly upgraded.

global data and local tables

Global variables, tables and indexes can now be:
  • temporary (reset for every script execution),
  • local (persisted between script executions on the same device), or
  • cloud (persisted and shared between devices).
The local data is saved every time you write to it, not only when the script stops. This fixes a major open issue we had for a while.

other stuff

November 2013

October 2013

September 2013

  • Release of TouchDevelop app v3.1 for Windows Phone: Bluetooth, pin to start, Radio, debugger, profiler, insights, tutorials, videos learn more

August 2013

  • Pre-release of cloud sessions. This feature is currently only available when you run the beta version of TouchDevelop. Cloud sessions provide a simple way to save data in the cloud, and to share data between different devices. Cloud sessions automatically synchronize the shared data between participants of the same cloud session.
  • else if are now treated as separate statements - this simplifies editing and avoids stack overflows on iPhone
  • New API: Picture→to data uri
  • Buffer APIs; new ones: Buffer→sub buffer, Buffer→copy from, Buffer→clone; Buffer→fill and Buffer→fill random now always fills the entire buffer - use b→sub buffer(off, len)→fill(42) if you want to fill just part
  • APIs supporting Bluetooth are now available, but will only be functional on supported platforms such as the TouchDevelop app v3.1 for Windows Phone
  • you can now write more responsive scripts with async actions (beta-only)
  • New way of selecting generic collection types (beta only)

July 2013

  • Debugging experience, crash logging and crowd coverage learn more
  • Json Builder type has now methods for reading, not only writing JSON values
  • TouchDevelop editor now supports plugins written in TouchDevelop itself, which can operate on current script (beta only)

28 June 2013: TouchDevelop v3.0 for Windows Phone 8

  • The TouchDevelop Team is thrilled to announce a major update of the TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone 8 that brings you: unified experience with the TouchDevelop Web App, new language features, NFC, new speech APIs, new tile APIs. It also comes with a new set of script templates, and a whole new documentation system. learn more

June 2013

  • potentially breaking changes in persistence of global data variables between script runs learn more
  • pick entry functionality for object collections
  • object created in the display section of a page can be modified - this lets you see updates in the live view, for example for pictures
  • a few new templates and tutorials, as well as a new version of the TouchDevelop book - try them out!
  • all new super-cool vector-graphic image of the turtle!
  • new APIs: Color→to_html, wall→width, wall→height
  • animations for pages transitions (push/pop of pages) and new API wall→pop page with transition
  • want to play with implementing encryption? the beta version has APIs for you: Buffer type of binary buffers (check also buffer methods on Picture), and bits service for binary operations; our random number generation is now also improved

May 2013

  • the live view is vastly improved
  • account settings (picture, nick name etc) can now be altered from within the app; there is also a new always use beta setting (learn more)
  • boxes now change their look when tapped or when mouse moves over them
  • hearts given to scripts now carry on to script updates; now more doubts if you should publish an update!
  • hub and script lists now show screen shots
  • libraries can export types; extension methods are also supported
  • new JSON APIs: Json Object→serialize, Json Object→to json builder
  • scripts can now manipulate scripts: bazaar→pick script, bazaar→save ast
  • browser database bug fixes

April 2013

  • documentation/tutorials can now be viewed inline, in the editor
  • exposing script abstract syntax trees via REST endpoints and in-script

March 2013

February 2013

  • global variables can be promoted to fields of records with a single tap
  • script properties dialog now has for print/email option for script text
  • actions can be now marked as test action; added run all tests button
  • support for pages and boxes - a framework for creating user interfaces
  • arbitrary search-replace – just mark a bunch of tokens when editing an expression and tap replace in action or replace in script

January 2013

December 2012

November 2012

  • phone form factor (including Windows Phone 8, iPhone, Android phones) and Macs are now supported in the web app
  • support for inline actions

October 2012

  • web-app release – Windows 8 PCs, iPad and Android tablets supported