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Ask or display values on the wall...
function wall → add button(icon : String, text : String) returns Page Button
Add a new button. icon must be the name of a built-in icon, text must be non-empty.
function wall → ask boolean(text : String, caption : String) returns Boolean
Prompts the user with ok and cancel buttons
function wall → ask number(text : String) returns Number
Prompts the user to input a number
function wall → ask string(text : String) returns String
Prompts the user to input a string
function wall → button icon names returns Collection of String
Gets the list of available page button names.
function wall → clear
Clears the background, buttons and entries
function wall → clear background
Clears the background color, picture and camera
function wall → clear buttons
Clears the application bar buttons and hides the bar
function wall → create text box(text : String, font size : Number) returns TextBox
Creates an updatable text box
function wall → current page returns Page
Gets the current page displayed on the wall
function wall → height returns Number
Gets the height of the screen (in pixels).
function wall → pages returns Collection of Page
Returns the current back stack of pages, starting from the current page to the bottom page.
function wall → pick date(text : String, caption : String) returns DateTime
Prompts the user to pick a date. Returns a datetime whose date is set, the time is 12:00:00.
function wall → pick string(text : String, caption : String, values : Collection of String) returns Number
Prompts the user to pick a string from a list. Returns the selected index.
function wall → pick time(text : String, caption : String) returns DateTime
Prompts the user to pick a time. Returns a datetime whose time is set, the date is undefined.
function wall → pop page returns Boolean
Pops the current page and restores the previous wall page. Returns false if already on the default page.
function wall → pop page with transition(style : String) returns Boolean
Same as wall→pop_page, but lets you use specific animation.
function wall → prompt(text : String)
Prompts the user with a ok button
function wall → push new page returns Page
Pushes an empty page on the wall.
function wall → screenshot returns Picture
Takes a screenshot of the wall.
function wall → set background(color : Color)
Sets the wall background color.
function wall → set background camera(camera : Camera)
Sets the wall background camera.
function wall → set background picture(picture : Picture)
Sets the wall background picture. The picture will be resized and clipped to the screen background as needed.
function wall → set foreground(color : Color)
Sets the wall foreground color of elements.
function wall → set reversed(bottom : Boolean)
Reverses the elements on the wall and inserts new ones at the bottom.
function wall → set subtitle(text : String)
Sets the subtitle of the wall.
function wall → set title(text : String)
Sets the title of the wall.
function wall → set transform matrix(m11 : Number, m12 : Number, m21 : Number, m22 : Number, offsetx : Number, offsety : Number)
[not implemented] Sets the 3x3 affine matrix transformation applied to the wall.
function wall → show back button(visible : Boolean)
Indicates if the back button should be visible on the current page. The back button gets visible automatically when the app is paused or stopped in the editor.
function wall → show title bar(visible : Boolean)
Indicates if the title and subtitle bar should be visible on a page.
function wall → width returns Number
Gets the width of the screen (in pixels).

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