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A local variable is a symbol that represents a value. One can read or write to a local variable.


A new local variable is defined by using the assignment := operator. In the editor, you can either tap on var or the extract to var intellibutton. The keyword var is automatically added.
var x := 0


Simply use the variable in your code to use its value.
x → post to wall


Use the assignment := operator to save a new value in the variable.
x := 2


A local variable exists within its definition scope. If the variable is defined in an action, it is available in that entire action. This is the case for x in this example.
However, if a variable is defined within a nested block of code, like a if, then it only exits within that block.
if false then
`y` only exists within the `else` block
var y := 1
`y` does not exist here
end if