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user score

Each user gets an overall score. Your score reflects how experienced you are as a TouchDevelop programmer. We measure your score by looking at how many ♥ other people give to your scripts and how many language features you have used.
Your score is shown on your user page. Check your score page to see more details about your score.

how is the user score computed?

You are awarded points for items achieved in the following categories.
  • ♥ given to your scripts by users other than yourself
  • ♟ subscribers — users who have subscribed to receive notifications whenever you publish something
  • different languages features you used in your published scripts that do not contain errors
  • days you have logged in to the TouchDevelop app
The number of points you get for each additional item depends on how many items you have in each category. You get...
  • +1 point for the first 9 items in each category
  • +1 point for item 10,20,30,... (so once you have 10 items in a category, you need ten more items in that category for each additional point)

can a user score drop?

The score can drop when someone takes away a ♥ given earlier or when a ♟ subscriber unsubscribes.
We may also change the formula for user scores in the future.

what happens when I publish an update of a script?

Your overall score will not drop just because you update a script; in fact, it is likely to go up:
  • When you publish an updated version of a script, you keep all ♥ of the older version. Users can give more ♥ to the updated version.