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Some platforms allow to pin and control an active tile for a script. The tiles singleton provides the action to control tiles.
This code might not work on your current device: missing Tiles capabilities.
The tiles service allows to pin an active tile or modify it. However, it does not allow to read the state of a tile or determine if there is a pinned tile already.

simple tile

A script supports a single default tile. The default tile will launch the script. Here are common actions done on tiles:
  • pinning: the user will be prompted if he wants to pin the tile
tiles → pin default
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  • updating the counter. Values between 1 and 99 are shown, other values are hidden.
tiles → set default counter(45)
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  • updating the title and content text
tiles → set default text("yay!", "long text...")
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tiles with pictures

Starting with TouchDevelop 3.1, the tiles→pin pictures allows to create a tile that displays multiple pictures. The number of pictures and their size varies depending on the platform.
var pics := collections → create picture collection
var icon := media → create picture(480, 800)
tiles → pin pictures("Yay!", 5, icon, pics)
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legacy tile API

The Tile kind that was used to control Tiles in the Windows Phone 7 app is not supported anymore.