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You can subscribe to users and tags.
By subscribing to another user, you can receive notifications whenever that user publishes a script or screenshot, writes a comment, or gives a ♥.
By subscribing to a tag, you can receive notifications whenever that tag becomes one of the top taps of a script.

managing subscriptions

You can subscribe and unsubscribe on a user or tag page in the app and on the web; look for the subscribe or unsubscribe button.
  • browse the list of all users to find interesting users to subscribe to.
  • browse the list of all tags to find interesting tags to subscribe to. The list of users and tags you subscribe to is publicly available.
Check your own subscriptions to see which users and tags you have already subscribed to.
Conversely, view your own subscribers to see who has subscribed to receive notifications when you publish something.
Read your latest notifications on the web. Your notifications are publicly available — it is an aggregation of publicly available information.


The number of subscribers of a user is a component of the user score.

push notifications

  • supported by the Windows Phone app only.
Enable push notifications in your account settings (also available on legacy website) to get notified on your phone right away; otherwise, you will have to keep checking yourself if you have any new notifications.