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Support for speech has been increasing dramatically in mobile device. The following actions allow to recognize and synthesize speech.


The languages→record text action prompts the user with a specialized dialog to dictate their text.
This code might not work on your current device: missing Microphone capabilities.
var text := languages → record text
The implementation of this dialog based on available support for such feature. If available, TouchDevelop will use the native speech recognition support; otherwise it might to fallback on the Project Hawaii cloud based services.


The languages→speak text and languages→speak ssml uses text-to-speech technology to speak text aloud.
This code might not work on your current device: missing Speech capabilities.
  • speak aloud text using the default intonations
languages → speak text("en-US", "female", "TouchDevelop is cool!")
var ssml := web → xml("<speak xml:lang=\"En-US\" version=\"1.0\">\n<say-as interpret-as=\"letters\">Hello</say-as>\n</speak>")
languages → speak ssml(ssml)