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raspberry pi setup

TouchDevelop can be used on a Raspberry Pi 1 or 2. You can edit scripts from the editor, code Minecraft Pi or run node.js web sites.


Raspbian for Pi 1& 2

You will need to get the latest version of node.js running on your PI.
The easy route is to run this command from the terminal. It runs an apt-get update, downloads the latest node.js build for arm and install touchdevelop local.
wget -q -O - | bash

detailled steps

  • install node.js latest. The version in apt-get is quite old and won't work with TouchDevelop. Adafruit has a great tutorial on how to do that.
  • install TouchDevelop local

web sites

You can use your Raspberry Pi to run a web site created by touchdevelop. The easiest way to run this is to launch the following command:
touchdevelop --scriptid <scriptid>
where scriptid is the id of the web site you are building. TouchDevelop will run this script and automatically reload when you publish an update.

Minecraft PI

Follow the Minecraft PI setup instructions to use TouchDevelop to code Minecraft!