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pull requests

When a user makes changes to someone elses script and wants the changes to go back in the original script, he makes a pull request.
The author of the original script can look at the changes and decide to pull the changes or ignore it.

how to send a pull request

  • open a script from another user and make some changes
  • tap the publish button
  • check the send pull request checkbox and describe your changes in the publication notes
  • tap the publish hidden button
That's it! A comment will be added on the original script to pull your changes and the author will be notified.

how to receive a pull request

  • you receive a notification, as a comment, that a pull request has been sent.
  • open the script attached to the comment and review the changes
  • tap on the pull changes button and select the script where you want to pull the changes into. Typically, this would be the base script.