publishing run

Publishing information about a script crash or a successful script run.

When a script runs, TouchDevelop is tracking some information about the run:
  • coverage: which blocks statements in the code get executed?
  • stack trace: at any point in time, which actions are being invoked?
This information might be helpful for the script author, or any other volunteer, to further improve the script.

posting crash information

Sometimes something goes wrong during a script run. This happens most often because of some rare condition that the script author did not anticipate (although sometimes it may also be because of a bug in TouchDevelop itself).
In the case of a crash, the script author or any other volunteer would greatly benefit from having access to the run information that caused the crash. That's why you get asked to post the crash information.

find posted crashes

You can only post crash information for published scripts. That's why you find this information by going to the published script page and tapping on buckets. Each posted crash gets sorted as a run into a particular bucket, where all runs in a bucket are similar to each other.

post or post anonymously

  • If you post the crash information, it gets stored in the cloud and linked to your user account, for everyone to see. Just like with comments you write. In this case, you can delete your posted crash information later on if you wish.
  • If you post anonymously the crash information, then the crash information is not associated to your user account in the cloud. However, if you choose to write a comment as well, then the comment will still be associated with your user account.

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