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Any script created with TouchDevelop must be published in order to be discoverable by other users.
While you are editing a script, changes are periodically backed up in your account in the cloud, but that does not make your script available to other people.

how to publish a script

  • open your script in the script editor
  • open the script explorer view
  • tap on the publish button near the script properties
  • tap on public or publish hidden
  • Once the publishing is completed, you will receive a landing page for your script. Your script will also receive a unique script id.
  • At this point, you can also export your script as an app by tapping on the export button.
Notice also the special text /sadqkzss under the script name. This text uniquely identifies this particular version of the published script.

why should I publish my script?

  • be part of the TouchDevelop community and share your work. Other users will be able to comment your script, tweak it and re-publish it or give your hearts and improve your score.
  • you can easily share a published script with friends and family.
  • in order to export your script to an app, you must publish it.

published scripts are public!

Do not store passwords or other confidential information in your script code. Everyone will be able to see your script on the Internet forever once it is published.

hidden scripts

A script can be hidden from the lists in the app, including new scripts, top scripts, and other searches. However, it can still be accessed through the script identifier.
You can hide and unhide any script through the script view.


If you are working on a script, you might want to publish multiple updates of the same script. As long as you do not change the script name (and you are the author of the previous version), the published version will automatically be considered as the latest version of this script.
When you are editing a script, your changes are not publicly available until you decide to publish the script.
Avoid using version numbers in script names.