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2/18/2015 Why Computing?
12/07/2013, Natnitnut: Membuat App Android Menggunakan TouchDevelop (in Indonesian)
10/23/2013, Orange County Register: Microsoft encourages girls to pursue tech jobs
03/25/2013, Microbyte eNewsletter @ University of Newcastle, Australia: "University of Newcastle students work with Microsoft"
03/18/2013, "App-Entwicklung mit TouchDevelop" (in German)
02/04/2013, Conversations by Nokia: "Create your own Lumia apps with TouchDevelop"
12/20/2012, Nikkei Computer: "スマホのアプリをスマホで開発" (in Japanese)
09/30/2012, New York Times: "Fostering Tech Talent in Schools" (in English, also available in Chinese)
30/01/2012, c't magazine: "Apps für Windows Phone" (in German)
05/09/2011, c't magazine: "TouchDevelop" (in German)

in blogs

06/13/2013, dougpete: "A TouchDevelop Tip"
06/10/2013, Alfred Thompson: "TouchDevelop Demo: Simple Turtle Graphics"
06/10/2013, Alfred Thompson: "Speaking Hello World – TouchDevelop"
03/18/2013, Dustin Steiner: "TouchDevelop, die etwas andere Programmierumgebung" (in German)
01/20/2013, Ray Chambers: "Windows 8 Appathon"
02/02/2012, Peter Heldens in "TouchDevelop 2.5 – Programmeer je Windows Phone met je Windows Phone" (in Dutch)
12/15/2011, orange: "Programowanie na ekranie – TouchDevelop" (in Polish)
11/01/2011, Jonathan Edwards: "From text to touch"
07/11/2011, Internetfreak: ["Vorstellung [TouchDevelop]"]( (in German)
04/12/2011, wp7connect: ["Microsoft Launches [TouchDevelop] on WP7"](
04/12/2011, wpcentral: ["Microsoft releases [TouchDevelop]"](

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