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The leaderboard allows you to add a high score across all players of your game in no time.

getting the latest high score

Use bazaar→leaderboard score to download the high score for the current player.
var score := bazaar → leaderboard score

posting a new score

Once you have a new score, use bazaar→post leaderboard score to update the score in the cloud. The cloud always keeps the highest score.
bazaar → post leaderboard score(score)

displaying the leaderboards

You can display the leaderboards on the wall by using post leaderboard to wall.
bazaar → post leaderboard to wall

Facebook leaderboards

You can also use the Facebook library to use the Facebook scores instead of the built-in leaderboards.

heads up display make it easier

You can use the heads up display library to maintain and display the user score in your game.
 heads up display → add score(4)