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Json Builder

A json data structure builder
function (Json Builder) → add(value : Json Object)
Adds a value to the array.
function (Json Builder) → add boolean(value : Boolean)
Adds a boolean to the array.
function (Json Builder) → add builder(value : Json Builder)
Add a reference to JsonBuilder to the array.
function (Json Builder) → add null
Adds a null value to the array.
function (Json Builder) → add number(value : Number)
Adds a number to the array.
function (Json Builder) → add string(value : String)
Adds a string to the array.
function (Json Builder) → at(index : Number) returns Json Builder
Gets the i-th json value
function (Json Builder) → boolean(key : String) returns Boolean
Gets a field value as a boolean
function (Json Builder) → clear
Deletes all array elements from the current builder.
function (Json Builder) → clone returns Json Builder
Creates a deep copy clone of the object
function (Json Builder) → contains key(key : String) returns Boolean
Indicates if the key exists
function (Json Builder) → copy from(value : Json Object)
Copy all fields from given JSON object
function (Json Builder) → count returns Number
Gets the number of values
function (Json Builder) → field(key : String) returns Json Builder
Gets a value by name
function (Json Builder) → is invalid returns Boolean
Returns true if the current instance is useless
function (Json Builder) → keys returns Collection of String
Gets the list of keys
function (Json Builder) → kind returns String
Gets a json kind (string, number, object, array, boolean, null)
function (Json Builder) → number(key : String) returns Number
Gets a field value as a number
function (Json Builder) → post to wall
Prints the value to the wall
function (Json Builder) → remove at(index : Number)
Removes the i-th json value
function (Json Builder) → remove field(name : String)
Deletes named field
function (Json Builder) → serialize returns String
Stringify the current JSON object
function (Json Builder) → set at(index : Number, v : Json Builder)
Sets the i-th json value
function (Json Builder) → set boolean(name : String, value : Boolean)
Sets the boolean value.
function (Json Builder) → set builder(name : String, value : Json Builder)
Sets the field the the reference to JsonBuilder.
function (Json Builder) → set field(name : String, value : Json Object)
Sets the field value.
function (Json Builder) → set field null(name : String)
Sets the field value as null.
function (Json Builder) → set number(name : String, value : Number)
Sets the number value.
function (Json Builder) → set picture(name : String, pic : Picture, quality : Number)
Sets the Picture value as a data uri.
function (Json Builder) → set sound(name : String, snd : Sound)
Sets the Sound value as a data uri.
function (Json Builder) → set string(name : String, value : String)
Sets the string value.
function (Json Builder) → string(key : String) returns String
Gets a field value as a string
function (Json Builder) → time(key : String) returns DateTime
Gets the field value as a time
function (Json Builder) → to boolean returns Boolean
Converts to a boolean (type must be boolean)
function (Json Builder) → to collection returns Collection of Json Builder
Converts to a collection of JsonBuilders (type must be array)
function (Json Builder) → to json returns Json Object
Converts the builder into a json data structure
function (Json Builder) → to number returns Number
Converts to a number (type must be number)
function (Json Builder) → to string returns String
Converts to a string (type must be string)
function (Json Builder) → to time returns DateTime
Converts and parses to a date time (type must be string)

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