Touch Develop retirement postponed until June 22, 2019. Sign-in and access to cloud assets to be removed on May 23, 2018.Learn More..


TouchDevelop maintains various statistics and information about your published scripts.
Various information is shown prominently on the script page, including:
  • Comments, hearts, forks, screenshots, tags
  • An estimate of the number of users and runs
In addition, TouchDevelop is tracking more information in the cloud. You can reach it by first opening a script from the hub, and then tapping on the insights tab.
The available insights information may include:
  • code: You can inspect the published script code.
  • coverage: Anonymously collected code coverage information.
  • profile: Anonymously collected code profiling information
  • buckets: Crash reports pre-sorted into buckets
  • art: Pictures and sounds referenced by this script
If there are not much insights available on your script, advertise it to your friends and come back after a while to find the latest insights!