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from blocks to text

A number of programming environments such as MIT's Scratch use blocks together with a graphical editor to represent and edit code. This makes it easier and fun for beginners who don't have to deal with the strict syntax of professional programming languages.
TouchDevelop sits in between those two worlds: the code is represented in text and the editor is semi-structured which mostly takes care of the syntax for the beginner.
Use the block skill level to get a block-like experience in TouchDevelop

block programming environments

All the block screenshots in this page were taken with Scratch but it should still help if you are using another tool. Here is a non-comprehensive list of block-based environments:

Scratch tutorials

The following tutorials use the scratch library which mimics MIT's Scratch environment. It allows the students to learn the syntax while reusing common block idioms.
The example of blocks above can be rewritten as follows using this library:
 scratch → when flag clicked do
 random number :=  scratch → pick random(1, 10)
You can drag and drop lines of code in TouchDevelop!


more information:

other tutorials

These tutorials do not use the scratch library and map blocks directly to existing actions.