Touch Develop retirement postponed until June 22, 2019. Sign-in and access to cloud assets to be removed on May 23, 2018.Learn More..


who created Touch Develop

Touch Develop is developed by the Research in Software Engineering group (RiSE) at Microsoft Research. Learn more about our research...

why Touch Develop was created

We want to explore how the future of software development might look like when the most commonly accessible computing devices are mobile devices.
We have found that Touch Develop is a great and engaging way to learn and teach programming and computer science concepts.

what browsers and devices does Touch Develop run on?

The Touch Develop Web App runs on virtually all recent platforms, including iPad, iPhone, Android (phones and tablets), Macs, PC.

does Touch Develop replace other professional IDEs?

Touch Develop has been designed for mobile devices with touchscreens. While it can also be used with keyboard and mouse, you still want to use professional development tools when you have the resources.

how do I create Windows/Windows Phone/Android/iOS apps?

Follow the instructions in export to app.

does Touch Develop work offline?

Yes! After you run the web app once, it will be cached on your device. learn more...

how can I change the language of Touch Develop?

Go to your account settings and change your preferred language. Touch Develop is not yet localized in all languages so your mileage will vary.

does Touch Develop work in my language?

Touch Develop is partially localized. Help us localize Touch Develop by contributing to our CrowdIn page!
Touch Develop will also automatically translate help text into your language using Microsoft Translator.

how was the Touch Develop Web App created?

The Touch Develop Web App is written in Type Script. Watch this video from the //build/ conference to learn more.

how do I report bugs or contact the Touch Develop team?

One of the best ways to report issues is to go to our GitHub page and log your bug or feature request with screenshots or a link to the particular script experiencing issues. The more information and context you can provide, the better the chances of us pinpointing the issue and fixing it!
You can also post to our User Voice group here: