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export to azure

Create Node.JS web sites running in Azure using TouchDevelop!
The export to Azure allows to generate an Azure Web Site from the current script. An active Azure subscription is required.
To get started, open the script to deploy, tap on the script properties, then tap on Azure under export.

subscription setup

Before any operation, you will have to provide your publishing profile to TouchDevelop. Simply follow the setup instructions.
TouchDevelop can store the profile in the browser cache to make it easier to interact with the services.

web site creation

When creating a new web site for deployment, TouchDevelop can also create additional Azure services.
All these services can be further configured in the Azure Management Portal.
The Azure web site is automatically configured to allow access to the create storage account and service bus. You can modify those settings in the web site configuration page.


Once the web site is setup, you can simply tap on the deploy button in the script explorer. Once deployed, you can change the scaling properties of your web app from the Azure portal.

environment variables

If you need to set environment variables (which can be read through app→server setting, go to the Azure web site export dialog and tap on environment.

logs & crashes

To access the server logs and crashes, simply tap on the logs button. The server logs will automatically be downloaded.

cloud data limitations

The cloud data such as server-replicated and replicated table or indexes will only work for single core web sites.


Any npm package can be wrapped into a TouchDevelop and used in your web site. Fortunately, we've already wrapped a number of important packages in libraries for you. If the one you're looking is missing, take a peek at those libraries to learn how to create your own.


In expert mode, templates will be available in the Create Script template list.

web frameworks

TouchDevelop uses restify, a popular Node.JS framework to build REST web apps.

azure services

logging and monitoring

more saas services


node.js modules




It is also possible to install Python packages through pip. TouchDevelop will create a Python virtual environment and run pip from Azure. Use the app→import function to declare the dependencies.
  • important you need to enable Python in your Azure web site.