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export to app studio

Windows App Studio allows you to easily publish your TouchDevelop scripts to Windows and Windows Phone stores.


Follow these instructions to get export your scripts to Windows App Studio:
  • open the script you wish to export in the TouchDevelop editor
  • if not published yet, tap on the publish button; otherwise, tap the share button near the script title
  • tap on the make it an app button near the App Studio logo
  • that's it! The button will take you to App Studio where you can finish the publishing process.


At this current release, not all features of TouchDevelop are supported for export feature. For example, network requests, media, maps, bluetooth or contacts are not supported.
If your script uses an unsupported feature, then when following the steps above instead of make it an app button you will get a want an app? button.
  • tap on it want an app
  • tap on set platform to App Studio
  • fix the unsupported calls in your script; you will see the names of actions with unsupported calls in blue with a ✎ next to them.

checking for features without publishing

To ensure that your script is compatible with App Studio as you write it, you can restrict the API available in the editor by following these steps.
  • open the script in the TouchDevelop editor,
  • open the script properties
  • under the i want to run it on section, tap the settings button
  • tap the set to App Studio

allow and dissallow export

When exporting to App Studio, TouchDevelop checks that all authors in the base script chain have allow to export their script.