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You can use the built-in code coverage tool to investigate which parts of your script code actually get executed.
To launch a code coverage run, first tap on the script properties in the editor, then tap on the coverage button.
After you complete a full run, you can browse your code that is now annotated with code coverage information. When you leave the editor, the code coverage information is deleted.
Three different colors illustrate code coverage:
  • blue: indicates that a line got covered
  • red: indicates that a condition always evaluated to false
  • green: indicates that a condition always evaluated to true
Some kinds of statement annotations are never shown as covered (for example loop bounds). However, the loop body would likely be shown as covered.

crowd coverage

After you publish your script, code coverage information may be collected anonymously when your script is run by someone. You can view this information by going to the published script page in the hub, then tap on insights, and then tap on coverage. Learn more about insights...