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Cloud Data

Cloud data is a simple way to save data in the cloud, and to share data between different devices. Cloud sessions automatically synchronize the shared data between participants of the same cloud session. Learn more...
function cloud data → clear all data
Clear all data of the currently active session.
function cloud data → connection status(include extra details : Boolean) returns String
Gets a string that describes the state of the cloud synchronization, and additional details if requested
function cloud data → create session(title : String, type : String) returns Cloud Session
Creates a new cloud session owned by the current user.
function cloud data → current session returns Cloud Session
Gets the currently active session. When the script starts, this is always the just-me session.
function cloud data → everyone session returns Cloud Session
Gets the everyone-session, in which cloud data is shared by everyone running this script.
function cloud data → is sync enabled returns Boolean
Returns a boolean indicating whether cloud synchronization is enabled for the current session
function cloud data → just me session returns Cloud Session
Gets the just-me session, in which cloud data is shared between devices by the same user.
function cloud data → participant number returns Number
Returns the participant number within the current session, or -1 if not known yet. Participant numbers are assigned by the server on first connect, starting with 0.
function cloud data → session of(id : String, title : String) returns Cloud Session
Gets a session from a session id
function cloud data → set sync enabled(enable : Boolean)
Enable or disable cloud synchronization for the current session
function cloud data → switch sessions
Asks the user to choose a session to switch to
function cloud data → switch to session(session : Cloud Session)
Connect to the given session. The user may be asked to confirm.
function cloud data → wait for server(timeout : Number) returns Boolean
Waits until the current server state has been received. Returns false if offline, or if time limit is exceeded.