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app day workshops

All the App Day workshops come with interactive step-by-step tutorials that will drive the students to a complete, functional app.
The tutorial are very directive to make sure that students keep progressing. When the tutorials are over, additional challenges are given for those who are faster than the pack.
All the workshop are built-in and can be started from the tutorial button in the hub. They can also be printed.


turtle drawings

Turtle is a virtual little turtle that moves, turns and draws with a colored pen. Turtle knows only basic commands but we'll teach it a few more tricks. Students learn for loops and coordinates.

monster slicer

Monster Slicer is a game where a monster flies from the bottom of the screen and falls down with gravity. The player needs to tap the monster to keep him on the screen. Students learn for loops, global variables, and physics.

love me not

Love me not is an app that tests if someone loves the other person. Students learn the basic of building user interfaces using string collections and sprite sets.

falling rocks

Use the accelerometer to move a monster that needs to avoid falling rocks.


The soundboard app displays an table of pictures. Tapping each picture plays a different sound.

raffle tickets


  • draws a square 1 ticket
  • draws a triangle 1 ticket
  • draws a square spiral 1 ticket
  • draws a square spiral with varying pen size and color 1 ticket
  • draws any custom drawing done with turtle 2 tickets!

monster Slicer

  • background picture 1 ticket
  • tap makes monster bounce 1 ticket
  • monster bounces on the bottom 1 ticket
  • monster bounces of the walls 1 ticket
  • score increases, life removed 1 ticket

love me not

  • background picture 1 ticket
  • designs a stem & bulb 1 ticket
  • programs leaf sprite set 1 ticket
  • petals pluck from flower 1 ticket
  • text rises as user plucks petals 1 ticket


  • background picture 1 ticket
  • image appears in a box 1 ticket
  • player taps on image & matching sound 1 ticket
  • multiple images on board 1 ticket
  • multiple images with matching sounds 1 ticket