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app day small schedule

App Day runs much smoother to have a timing strategy for the block period. We have provided a tentative schedule for your block class below.

Event Registration: process should take 5 minutes prior to event

  • students receive workshop handout
  • students setup device with touchdevelop

Event Overview: 10 min (Time Elapsed: 10 min)

  • warmup activity (name the logos!!!)
  • overview event
  • discuss rules
  • announce timeline
  • announce work areas by color
  • discuss swag

Turtle Workshop: 30 minutes (Time Elapsed: 40 min)

  • teach workshop introduction: 05 minutes
  • play music: 20 minutes
  • start programming
  • start 20 minute countdown timer
  • answer workshop questions*: time varies
  • distribute tickets: time varies
  • finish app warning: after 15 minutes
  • distribute demo cards at warning ~ 3 demo cards per leader area
  • return raffle tickets ~ assemble raffle tickets into a drawing box
  • draw raffle tickets - select 6 winners of swag

Demo - Apps: 55 minutes (Time Elapsed: 55 min)

  • students go up on stage
  • introduce their name (s)
  • mention their school and age
  • demo their app
  • say if it is their first app programmed

Device Return: 3 minutes (Time Elapsed: 58 min)

  • collect chaperon loaned devices
  • return chaperon identification

Event Conclusion 01 minute (Time Elapsed: 90 min)

  • concluding thoughts