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app day faq

how do I learn more about TouchDevelop beyond the tutorials?

  • go to the help section on the hub
  • read the book

I've closed the tutorial, how can I get it back?

Unfortunately, at this time, you will have to start the tutorial over again. Instead of closing the tutorial, you can minimize to get it out of the way.

what kind of cool apps and games can you create with TouchDevelop?

From the hub, scroll down to the showcase section to try cool apps built with TouchDevelop.

what are the differences when running TouchDevelop on different devices / platforms?

TouchDevelop may have more or less access to sensors and data based on where you run it. Read the platforms page for the complete table of supported features.
The workshops of App Day are designed to work on all devices.
The only workshop that might be problematic is the falling rocks because it uses the accelerometer. If students use this device on Windows Phone 8, make sure they are running the TouchDevelop app - and not from the browser. The app provides access to the sensor data. Otherwise, this sensor is available or emulated on all other platforms.