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account settings

You can edit various settings of your user account. In the hub, tap on settings and then account settings to get the settings dialog.
Your profile information may be shown next to any reviews (♥), comments, screenshots and scripts that you publish in the TouchDevelop app.

your information


If sign in with your Microsoft Account for the first time, then an anonymous nickname is created for you, containing a random number sequence. If you sign in with your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account, then your initial nickname is the same as your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo name. You can edit your nickname, and choose a random combination of letters and numbers if you want to anonymize your nickname.


You have two options to set your profile picture:
  • You can upload a picture (at least 150 x 150 pixels).
  • If you signed in with your Facebook account, you can tell TouchDevelop to always fetch your latest profile picture from Facebook.
You can delete any uploaded picture, or the Facebook association, by tapping remove picture.

about me

You can write 2000 characters about yourself. You can delete the text at any time.


You can enter your personal website address. It must start with http:// or https://. You can delete the address at any time.

preferred language

TouchDevelop users your browser language to display localized UI elements and translate the help in that language. To override that choice, use the preferred language box to select a specific language.

push notifications

You can indidate whether you want to receive push notifications when other people review/take a screenshot of/comment on your scripts, or reply to one of your comments. Before you can receive your first push notifications, you must have installed the TouchDevelop app on your phone, launched it, and signed in. You can choose not to receive any more push notifications at any time.