Teach Creative Coding!

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Want to teach students how to make amazing things and to have a real impact on their world? You can! The Creative Coding Through Games And Apps (CCGA) curriculum provides everything you need to deliver the course, including teacher prep materials, lesson plans, presentations, student assignments, homework, projects, and tests.

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Creative Coding Through Games And Apps is a first semester introduction to computer science course built with Touch Develop! Includes day-by-day plans for implementing the curriculum as a 6, 9, 12, or 18-week instructor-led course. Download curriculum (100Mb)

Preview package

Try out the preview package now! Download the freely available Preview Package that contains a course description, teacher and student guides, and sample unit materials. Learn more about the requirements, objectives and learning goals you can achieve in the enclosed sample lesson unit with Creative Coding Through Games and Apps. Download evaluation package (83Mb)