Touch Develop retirement postponed until June 22, 2019. Sign-in and access to cloud assets to be removed on May 23, 2018.Learn More..

Retiring the Windows Phone App

As die-hard Touch Develop aficionados know, Touch Develop started out life as a C#-based Windows Phone 7 app. Over time, the team decided to migrate from a C#-based app to a modern web app written in TypeScript. The main reason to do this was to increase the reach of Touch Develop to anyone on a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop running a modern web browser.
What you may not know is that Touch Develop is not a Microsoft product. It is a research project by Microsoft Research created by a small team that does everything needed to bring the end-to-end experience to you. We have no project manager, testers, graphic designer, etc. It is a lean-mean team.
In the last year, we have taken on a major project to deliver Touch Develop as an integral part of the BBC micro:bit. This is an exciting opportunity to bring the joy of beginning programming to a much wider audience than possible before, leveraging all the great work that the team has done on the web app and new web services.
The result of all this is that the Touch Develop has to make difficult decisions about what we can and can’t support. We simply don’t have the resources to continue to support the Windows Phone App. You can continue to use Touch Develop on Windows Phone via Internet Explorer.